Full papers

Fresh and Diverse Social Signals: any impacts on search?

  • Ismail Badache
  • Mohand Boughanem.

Self-Es: The Role of Emails-to-Self in Personal Information Management

  • Horatiu Bota
  • Paul Bennett
  • Susan Dumais
  • Ahmed Hassan Awadallah

Something is Lost, Something is Found: Book Use at the Library Shelves

  • George Buchanan
  • Dana Mckay

User Behaviour and Task Characteristics: a Field Study of Daily Information Behaviour

  • Jiyin He
  • Emine Yilmaz.

User Interests in German Social Science Literature Search – A Large Scale Log Analysis

  • Daniel Hienert.

Evaluating the Value of Lensing Wikipedia During the Information Seeking Process

  • Orland Hoeber
  • Anoop Sarkar
  • Andrei Vacariu
  • Max Whitney
  • Manali Gaikwad
  • Gursimran Kaur

How Can We Better Support Users with Non-Uniform Information Access in Collaborative Information Retrieval?

  • Nyi Nyi Htun
  • Martin Halvey
  • Lynne Baillie

An Interface for Supporting Asynchronous Multi-Level Collaborative Information Retrieval

  • Nyi Nyi Htun
  • Martin Halvey
  • Lynne Baillie

Understanding Ephemeral State of Relevance

  • Jiepu Jiang
  • Daqing He
  • Diane Kelly
  • James Allan

What Snippet Size is Needed in Mobile Web Search?

  • Jaewon Kim
  • Paul Thomas
  • Ramesh Sankaranarayana
  • Tom Gedeon
  • Hwan-Jin Yoon

Visual Re-Ranking for Multi-Aspect Information Retrieval

  • Khalil Klouche
  • Tuukka Ruotsalo
  • Luana Micallef
  • Salvatore Andolina
  • Giulio Jacucci

Exploration or Fact-Finding: Inferring User's Search Activity Just in Time

  • Michael Kotzyba
  • Tatiana Gossen
  • Johannes Schwerdt
  • Andreas Nuernberger

Bad Users or Bad Content? Breaking the Vicious Cycle by Finding Struggling Students in Community Question-Answering

  • Long Le
  • Chirag Shah
  • Erik Choi

Investigating Users' Time Perception during Web Search

  • Cheng Luo
  • Yiqun Liu
  • Min Zhang
  • Shaoping Ma
  • Xue Li

Orchestral Manouevres: Design Implications of the Physical Mechanics of Library Shelf Browsing

  • Dana Mckay
  • Shanton Chang
  • Wally Smith

Large-Scale Analysis of Email Search and Organizational Strategies

  • Kanika Narang
  • Susan Dumais
  • Nick Craswell
  • Dan Liebling
  • Qingyao Ai

Making Sense of Online Science: Exploring “Bias” in the Search Engine Result Page

  • Alamir Novin
  • Eric Meyers

The Art and Science of Asking Questions in Interactive Information Retrieval Research

  • Heather O'Brien
  • Lori McCay-Peet

Learning From the News: The Role of Story * Multimedia and Interest in Knowledge Retention

  • Heather O'Brien
  • Jocelyn McKay
  • Jacob Vangeest

SearchGazer: Webcam Eye Tracking for Remote Studies of Web Search

  • Alexandra Papoutsaki
  • James Laskey
  • Jeff Huang

A Theoretical Framework for Conversational Search

  • Filip Radlinski
  • Nick Craswell

Supporting Critical Thinking and Creativity in Search

  • Soo Young Rieh

Structure-Aware Visualization of Text Corpora

  • Jaspreet Singh
  • Sergej Zerr
  • Stefan Siersdorfer

The Tetris Model of Resolving Information Needs within the Information Seeking Process

  • Max Wilson

Short papers

Perception of Credibility in Refugee Related Social Media Posts

  • Johannes Aigner
  • Amelie Durchardt
  • Thiemo Kersting
  • Markus Kattenbeck
  • David Elsweiler

Identifying useful and important information within retrieved documents

  • Piyush Arora
  • Gareth Jones

Evaluation of the Comprehensiveness of Bar Charts with and without Stacking Functionality using Eye-Tracking

  • Falk Böschen
  • Benjamin Strobel
  • Steffen Goos
  • Christoph Liebers
  • Bastian Rathje
  • Ansgar Scherp

What Do You Mean Exactly? Analyzing Clarification Questions in CQA

  • Pavel Braslavski
  • Denis Savenkov
  • Eugene Agichtein
  • Alina Dubatovka

Strangers in a Strange Land: A Study of Second Language Speakers Searching for e-Services

  • David Brazier
  • Morgan Harvey

Relationships between age and domain knowledge and prior knowledge pre-activation on Information Searching

  • Mylene Sanchiz
  • Aline Chevalier
  • Franck Amadieu
  • Wai-Tat Fu

Time Limits and Information Search and the Use of Search Assistance

  • Anita Crescenzi
  • Robert Capra
  • Jaime Arguello

Telling how to narrow it down: Effect of Browsing Path Recommendation on ExploratorySearch

  • Mostafa Dehghani
  • Glorianna Jagfeld
  • Hosein Azarbonyad
  • Alex Olieman
  • Jaap Kamps
  • Maarten Marx

Do Highlights affect Comprehension? Lessons from a User Study

  • Samuel Dodson
  • Luanne Freund
  • Rick Kopak

Query Reformulation Patterns of Mixed Language queries in Different Search Intents

  • Hengyi Fu

I Can and So I Search More: Effects Of Memory Span On Search Behavior

  • Jacek Gwizdka

Analysis of Children's Queries and Click Behavior on Ranked Results and Their Thought Processes in Google Search

  • Jacek Gwizdka
  • Dania Bilal

Perceptions of the effect of fragmented attention on mobile web search tasks

  • Morgan Harvey
  • Matthew Pointon

Skip or Stay: Users' Behavior in Dealing with Onsite Information Interaction Crowd-Bias

  • Seyyed Hadi Hashemi
  • Jaap Kamps

Categorization of known-item search terms in a TV archive

  • Anne-Stine Ruud Husevåg

Information Sharing and Search Collaboration Activities of Health Consumers in South East Asia

  • Anushia Inthiran

A Structural Equation Model of Information Retrieval Skills

  • Emi Ishita
  • Yosuke Miyata
  • Shuichi Ueda
  • Keiko Kurata

Goal-Directed Information Seeking in Time-Synchronized and Topic-Linked Records of the Apollo Lunar Missions

  • Tiffany Jachja
  • Douglas Oard

Sketching Dynamic User-Item Interactions for Online Item Recommendation

  • Takuya Kitazawa

Incorporating Task Analysis in the Design of a Tool for a Complex and Exploratory Search Task

  • Tugba Kulahcioglu
  • Dmitriy Fradkin
  • Sridharan Palanivelu

Accidentally Successful Searching: Users' Perceptions of a Digital Library

  • Sanna Kumpulainen
  • Heli Kautonen

Scroll up or down? Using Wheel Activity as an Indicator of Browsing Strategy across Different Contextual Factors

  • Chang Liu
  • Jiqun Liu
  • Yiming Wei

Towards Identifying User Intentions in Exploratory Search using Gaze and Pupil Tracking

  • Thomas Low
  • Nikola Bubalo
  • Tatiana Gossen
  • Michael Kotzyba
  • André Brechmann
  • Anke Huckauf
  • Andreas Nuernberger

Visual Analysis of Dyslexia on Search

  • Andrew Macfarlane
  • Areej Al-Wabil
  • Gennady Andrienko
  • Natalia Andrienko
  • George Buchanan

Slide Over Here: The Various Adjacencies of Co-borrowed Ebooks

  • Dana Mckay
  • George Buchanan

Using Topic Models to Assess Document Relevance in Exploratory Search User Studies

  • Alan Medlar
  • Dorota Glowacka

A process model of time-based media annotation in a scholarly context

  • Liliana Melgar
  • Marijn Koolen
  • Hugo Huurdeman
  • Jaap Blom

Discerning the Quality of Questions in Educational Q&A using Textual Features

  • Manasa Rath
  • Long T. Le
  • Chirag Shah

Focus Paragraph Detection for Online Zero-Effort Queries - Lessons learned from Eye-Tracking Data

  • Christin Seifert
  • Annett Mitschick
  • Jörg Schlötterer
  • Raimund Dachselt
  • Michael Granitzer

Designing Search Tasks for Archive Search

  • Jaspreet Singh
  • Avishek Anand

Web-Retrieval supported Argument Space Exploration

  • Marcus Thiel
  • Philipp Ludwig
  • Fabian Neuhaus
  • Till Mossakowski
  • Andreas Nuernberger

How Do People Interact in Conversational Speech-Only Search Tasks: A Preliminary Analysis

  • Johanne R Trippas
  • Lawrence Cavedon
  • Damiano Spina
  • Mark Sanderson

Automatic summarization of domain-specific forum threads: collecting reference data

  • Suzan Verberne
  • Antal van Den Bosch
  • Sander Wubben
  • Emiel Krahmer

Personalised Query Suggestion for Intranet Search with Temporal User Profiling

  • Thanh Vu
  • Alistair Willis
  • Udo Kruschwitz
  • Dawei Song.

Investigating Information Seekers' Selection of Interpersonal and Impersonal Sources

  • Yiwei Wang
  • Shawon Sarkar
  • Chirag Shah

Too Much Serendipity: The Tension between Information Seeking and Encountering at the Library Shelves

  • Shermaine Waugh
  • Dana McKay
  • Stephann Makri

User Click Detection in Ideal Sessions

  • Mustafa Zengin
  • Ben Carterette